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EP06 – AIOps: Augmented Intelligence for ITOps and DevOps – with Dominic Wellington

In this 6th episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro (@darkkavenger) and Arjan Timmerman (@arjantim) are joined by Dominic Wellington (@dwellington), Director of Strategic Architecture at Moogsoft.

You can find Dominic’s blog at The top post right now is actually pretty relevant to this conversation, since it talks about augmented intelligence. Permalink: Dominic also covered how to think about Ops automation and learning from the Dev side of things, at

Show schedule:

  • 0:00: Usual introductions & welcoming
  • 2:02: Dominic explains what Moogsoft does and what AIOps stands for
  • 5:05: Max covers the struggles of IT Operations teams and the issues of “many pains of glass” (and struggles a bit with some echo on the line)
  • 6:17: Dominic explains how to address such issues: reducing the noise, automating routine activities, correlating seemingly unrelated events
  • 09:20: Dominic talks about MTTI (Mean Time To Innocence)
  • 10:10: Max talks about lack of event correlation in traditional IT environments and silo-induced blinkers
  • 10:45: Max asks what goes beyond event correlation in AIOps
  • 11:15: Dominic covers collaboration aspects, identifying root cause, and how machine learning helps identify potential reoccurrences and bring things faster into context
  • 13:40: Arjan and Dominic cover Moogsoft’s place in the enterprise monitoring landscape especially in environments who already use multiple tools
  • 15:31: Dominic explains how AIOps will enable a kind of “Level-0 support”, i.e. AI-based resolution for frequent, well-understood issues, leaving time for humans to focus on what matters
  • 16:57: Max is surprised about this statement and asks Dominic how Moogsoft would trigger this automated resolution of issues, followed by Dominic’ reply
  • 18:21: Arjan brings up the topic of DevOps, sparking a conversation around traditional ITOps having to adapt to DevOps, the use of ChatOps etc. Dominic covers innovations brought into Moogsoft from the DevOps world
  • 23:15: Arjan and Dominic discuss whether AIOps can help bridge the culture & process gap between Dev and Ops
  • 26:55: Arjan asks Max about the customer perspective on DevOps adoption (and relevancy of AIOps) in large corporate organisations, followed by an overview of the reality of Enterprise IT in large orgs and a slower moving pace
  • 29:15: Dominic covers how AIOps adoption begins in organisations
  • 30:50: Max has an epiphany and thinks AIOps is the One Ring to Bind Them [monitoring tools] All, but in a cool way
  • 32:05: Closing thoughts, and a heads-up to Sysadmin Day