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EP08 – Dell EMC PowerMax: NVMe All Flash Arrays, Storage-Class Memory and Machine Learning with Vince Westin

In this 8th episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro (@darkkavenger) and Arjan Timmerman (@arjantim) are joined by Vince Westin (@ApplyITNow),IT Architect and Dell EMC Technical Evangelist working with the PowerMax and VMAX high-end storage arrays.

Show schedule:

  • 00:00 Intros & presentation
  • 01:20 A recap about the Dell EMC PowerMax
  • 02:30 PowerMax was introduced in May 2018, what is the current adoption rate?
  • 04:00 Is there a difference between the two PowerMax models? Are there any reasons why choosing one over the other?
  • 08:22 VMAX has been known for its robust architecture, what about PowerMax, has there been any major improvements?
  • 11:45 Where is PowerMax now in Dell EMC’s product range? Is it displacing the VMAX?
  • 14:30 What about SCM (Storage-class Memory) support and Optane / 3DXPoint? And is 3DXPoint really making a breakthrough in the enterprise storage world?
  • 20:00 Max has a brain fart around NVMe / SCM proximity to the CPU, Vince fixes that and expands on the value that matters, i.e. the backend latency
  • 21:55 Vince & Max discuss current form factors and the future of storage arrays looking at what SCM will bring next (EDSFF format), and mixing different memory / flash drive types to drive down the $/GB cost while delivering outstanding performance
  • 25:15 Is there a huge pricing gap between a VMAX All-Flash and a PowerMax? Is there an incentive to go directly with PowerMax?
  • 26:15 Is CloudIQ going to support PowerMax?
  • 26:48 What about PowerMax Machine Learning engine? ML is a hot topic, but also a very abused buzzword, what is Dell EMC doing with it? Vince discusses about getting the best performance possible out of the array, and avoiding any features that might unnecessarily increase latency (for example not compressing data on SCM to avoid latency penalties)
  • 30:25 Closing the discussion & Thanks