EP05 – ARM-based architectures, Object Storage and OpenIO with Enrico Signoretti

In this fifth episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro (@darkkavenger) and Arjan Timmerman (@arjantim) are joined by an old friend & special guest: Enrico Signoretti (@esignoretti), the original founder of TECHunplugged. Enrico left TECHunplugged in early 2017 to join OpenIO as Head of Product Strategy.

In this episode we talk about Enrico’s role in OpenIO, the latest news and their Raspberry Pi kit, how that relates to the rise of ARM-based architectures & their impact on the data center. We also cover OpenIO object storage solution from a capability and performance perspective. Finally, because life can’t be only about work, we briefly cover Enrico’s holiday plans, gelato, and try to invite ourselves for a summer break on his boat.