EP11 – Data Management with Komprise: Transformation without Disruption – with Krishna Subramanian

In this 11th episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, Krishna Subramanian (@cloudKrishna), President and COO at Komprise, joins hosts Max Mortillaro (@darkkavenger) and Arjan Timmerman (@arjantim) to discuss about Data Management and how Komprise helps organisations get the best value out of their file-based storage investments.

To complement the podcast and get a deeper dive on the topic, we recommend that you read Max’s article on Komprise (stub & link on TECHunplugged.io, article is on Max’s personal blog).

Show schedule:

  • 00:00 Intros & presentation
  • 00:55 Komprise’s genesis and customers drowning in data; what Komprise solution is about
  • 02:30 Three co-founders & three startups – Distributed architectures – Krishna’s past experience in the industry
  • 04:05 Transformation without disruption: how is the Komprise solution delivered
  • 05:15 Komprise &  technology partners
  • 07:17 How Komprise gets into solving data sprawl issues – discovery, management, reporting & policies
  • 10:05 Getting started with Komprise, how easy it is to deploy and configure? And what needs to be done to be up and running?
  • 12:23 What is the sweet point from a capacity perspective to start using Komprise? How does Komprise scales?
  • 13:45 Savings! What space saving ratios are being achieved by Komprise customers?
  • 14:55 How do Komprise customers handle backups from a data management perspective? Awesome use case with Rubrik
  • 17:25 Arjan is mind-blown by the use of Komprise to further optimize costs on platforms such as Rubrik and Cohesity
  • 18:55 Data tiering and storage policies with Komprise
  • 21:03 Tape’s not dead! Using tape to further drive down costs and how to quickly recall cold data from tape
  • 22:50 Licensing model, features and expected cost saving achievements
  • 24:55 Where can we find more info about Komprise and what markets are currently in Komprise focus
  • 25:57 Closing the discussion & Thanks